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We will show you the authentic Africa. For centuries, Africa has mesmerized the world with its amazing scenery, its ancient civilizations, its unique art, and its magical music. The most rewarding aspect of a trip to Africa is to discover the culture and traditions . Go to our online shop to purchase african clothing, african jewelry, and african artwork

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With our expert specialists that have a passion for excursions, we will give you very useful advice. We can recommend a personalized itinerary according to your needs. A great way to explore the african culture is to experience a craft tour, a culinary vacation, or even just do some shopping at local markets.

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We pick for you Africa's best festivals throughout the year. It is worth planning your trip to Africa around any of these top music festivals and cultural events. Organizing your trip around a music festival is a great opportunity to travel to some of Africa's most exciting destinations and enjoy a fantastic cultural event.

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  • Haitian Acrylic Painting on Canvas - Haiti

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  • Tiered Red Tree Felt Holiday Ornament - Silk Road Bazaar (O)

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  • Mixed Metal Chevron Earrings - WorldFinds

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  • Tree of Life Birds Ready to Fly Metal Wall Art 24-inch Diameter

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